How do I stop injuring myself when I work out?

Answer I've always been told that folks who are prone to injuries during workout are the same folks who skip warm-ups. Are you warming up before working out? And if so, how long are you taking to warm up?

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If I jump off a four story building, am I at risk for injuring myself?

Yeah, sure! The good news is that if you do try it, you are at least close to a hospital. The only more convenient thing would be to jump off a 4-stroy funeral home!May the force be with you!

Help ive cut myself and i feel like cutting myself again how do i stop thinking about it?

try to keep yourself busy and try to stay around people. this can prevent you from doin it as often and also maybe you should talk to someone close like parents or a counselor

How do i stop myself from eating so much when i have the munchies?

Once my husband and I had such bad munchies we ate a can or corn beef hash and at the time it was the besttttttt ever....try munching on veggies. You can't avoid it lol

How do I stop myself?

When I was your age i had the same problem, but if you just get yourself into something as a sport or some type of active to keep yourself busy. You will soon forget all about and won't be such a n... Read More »