How do I stop ghosting and temporary burn in on my Samsung LCD TV?

Answer make sure all connections are hand tightend and the less amount of games, vcr/dvd players it goes through, the better the signal, unless, which i do, use rca connections for ur games and vcr/dvd pl... Read More »

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What causes ghost images on a LCD display This is not permanent burn-in the ghosting appears on all imagestext etc. It makes the screen appear blurry?

My problem was a loose cable. Try moving your cable arround. This assumes you are running the monitor at its native resolutionAlso try changing the monitor data cable (2 Blue Ends Normally)

How do you stop temporary custody in NY?

You attend the hearing and file your objections. The court will hear your testimony and then render s decision. You should be prepared to counter the reasons someone is requesting temporary custody... Read More »

What can I do stop stop my leg from scarring after a bad burn from 4 nights ago?

My brother burnt himself badly when he little. He got a prescription for a medicine called Siladine (not sure of the spelling). He has NOT one trace of a scar!!!!!Several people I know have used ... Read More »

How to Prevent Screen Burn-In for a Samsung Plasma?

While plasma televisions tend to offer better viewing experiences than LCD televisions when it comes to contrast ratio and the lack of motion-blur, they are more susceptible to screen burn-in. Scre... Read More »