How do I stop farting?

Answer thats a good question, but i dont think you should look for the answer on yahoo, ask yourself that question good luck!

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How come i can't stop farting is there a way to make your body to stop farting?

Farting and sometimes indigestion that goes with it is often caused by eating too many carbohydrates. Eating less, and eating small meals with more protein and a little fat will help. Eating two ... Read More »

How can i stop FARTING please anyone?

Who cares? Just learn to squeeze them out silently and then enjoy other people's reactions.

Is there medicine I can take to stop farting as much or as smelly?

Review what you're eating and then search for gas-causing foods. Beano is effective for many people due to it's active enzyme. You might consider taking a robust probiotic with billions of good b... Read More »

People farting in Yoga?

HA HA HA, thank you so much slave2luv for the star on this one:D This just made my night amazing. I cant stop laughing. Oh my god:D I am sorry to laugh, but this has been the best question I ha... Read More »