How do I stop eating after I'm full?

Answer Um, put the fork down and back away from the table

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Why cant everyone stop eating meat, which is full of unwanted toxic stuff?

Why do you care about what OTHER people do? If they want to eay meat, so what? And you're probably a smoker LOL

Eating. How do you get full faster?

By Drinking a lot of water It makes you feel full. Also the slower you eat, the more full you get because you give your body time to realize that you are full, by eating fast you end up eating mo... Read More »

What causes people to keep eating when they are already full?

Food addiction. Yes, people can be addicted to food. The same way alcoholics continue to drink even after they know they have had enough to drink. The urge to drink even more is just to powerful. A... Read More »

How to Feel Full Without Eating?

Sometimes it is necessary or prudent to fast completely for a period of time; before many medical procedures, or to drop weight for wrestling, for instance.This can be trying, as there are strong a... Read More »