How do I stop car rust specks?

Answer Remove Surface RustRemove the surface rust. Use a steel wool pad or kitchen scrubbing pad to scrape off the rust specks on the car. Use a circular or up and down motion to get rid of the specks. Re... Read More »

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How Can You Stop Rust?

Iron oxide is the technical term for rust that forms as a result of water and iron coming in contact for prolonged periods of time. The oxygen atoms in water absorb electrons from the iron forming ... Read More »

How to Stop Rust & Corrosion?

Rust is the process of corrosion of iron and iron alloys. When rust accumulates on an object, such as your car, it causes more than aesthetic damage. Corrosive rust buildup can lead to the overall... Read More »

How to Stop Auto Rust?

Rust is the enemy of the car. Salted roads, rainy weather and even proximity to the ocean can cause cars to rust, all of which is damaging to the vehicle and can be dangerous. But stopping rust isn... Read More »

How to Stop Rust on Trucks?

Rust is considered to be the cancer of the automotive world, as the damage it causes is rarely fixable. But if you prevent it from happening to your truck in the first place, then you're ahead of t... Read More »