I want to learn to be bulimic...?

Answer Dumbest thing I've ever heard. Ever heard of eating right and good exercise? That won't help you lose weight in 4-5 days obviously but it will be a better habbit than being bulimic. It'll ruin your... Read More »

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Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?

NoThe only thing that could throw them off (generally) is the smell of your breathBut if you throat is too freshly raw they might ask you if you've been sick recentlyShouldn't be an issue though

I've been bulimic for four years now... and i need help?

Its habitual to you now as well as psychological so you need to see someone who will refer you to get treatment. One type of therapy is cognitive therapy that is known to cure most cases. Hope that... Read More »

Can I be bulimic for a week?

Your teeth will wear down due to the acid in your vomit.Just cut down on your calorie intake to 500 and exercise for about an hour and you'll be fine. Eat fruit and vegetables and lots of water. I ... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Teen Is Bulimic?

Bulimia is a very dangerous disorder among teens. Do you have suspicions that your teen may be actually bulimic? These tips can help you determine that and take immediate action.