How do I stop ants from coming into my house?

Answer Inspect the outside and inside of your house for any cracks or openings.Use an interior or exterior calk, as required, to fill any of these openings that give ants access to your house. Calking usu... Read More »

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How do you prevent ants from coming into your house?

Put up a signboard - NO ANTS ALLOWED. Hire an anteacher to teach english to the ants !

How to Stop Ants Coming in the House?

While ants do not carry communicable diseases like other pests such as mosquitoes, they can still be bothersome, particularly when a colony moves into your home or just outside it. The best way to ... Read More »

How to Stop Ants Coming Into Your Home?

While ants outnumber humans 6 to 1 on Earth, that doesn't mean they can become guests in your house. Here are 10 fool-proof steps to destroying their nest. This is wikiHow to stop ants from coming ... Read More »

How can I stop my neighbours cigarette smoke coming into my house?

This question sparked my interest as I have a similar problem living in a semi next to what seems like a thousand smoking students (they moved in after us!).. I did find this:Under "Tobacco legisla... Read More »