How do I stop an omelette from sticking?

Answer Use some butter in the pan,and when you flip it,put some more butter down,or use some non sticking spray if you don't like butter.

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How do I stop ice in ice trays from sticking?

Spray with Cooking Spray, Fill and FreezeEmpty your ice cube trays and dry with a paper towel. Take a can of vegetable cooking spray, and lightly spray the ice cube tray. If there is too much veget... Read More »

How do i stop boiled pasta sticking together?

The main tips are: use plenty of water (salted, otherwise the pasta will come out tasting sweetish -- a real no-no over here: heaven forbid you should forget the salt!) in a large, deep pot, bring ... Read More »

How do i stop sticking my eyeliner pencil into my eyeball ?

How to Stop a Pumpkin Roll From Sticking to the Towel?

Pumpkin rolls contain a creamy filling inside a baked pumpkin cake. The pumpkin roll essentially has a pinwheel appearance once made properly. After you bake the pumpkin roll it needs to be turned ... Read More »