How do I stop adverts from ruining my YOUTUBE viewing ?

Answer if you you google chrome use ADblock, since i down loaded it i havnt had a advert since on any website it is amazing

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How do I stop an elephant from ruining my garden?

Give him something constructive to do - like building a bird house, or get him to learn topiary.

How to Stop Naruto Fans from Ruining the Anime for You?

Have you ever gone to places such as Yes, it has some stories that twist the naruto story so far. It has things like Anko is Shikamaru's cousin or Sasuke is Neji's brother. It's unr... Read More »

How do I clear my YouTube viewing history on the new version of YouTube?

i dont think their is a history because i tried to clear mines and i couldnt fing the history tab in youtube. the new version sucks like hell i hate it. you cant even check peoples videos at the sa... Read More »

How do i stop unwanted adverts?

Adblock plus, google it for your browser.