How do I stop a leak between a chimney& the roof?

Answer A leaky roof can turn a warm and cozy home into an unfortunate nightmare in very little time. A roof leak can allow water into the interior of the attic, which can in turn cause mold, mildew and ev... Read More »

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How do i stop a convertible roof leak at a vent window?

Over time, the weather stripping around your convertible's vent window may shrink, harden and crack. Routine inspection of all the rubber stripping on your convertible may help eliminate problems d... Read More »

How do you fix a chimney leak?

One way to solve the problem would be... The first point is to find where exactly the leak is. The use of a termographic camera would help a lot. Then, if the chimney is done of steel, just weld it... Read More »

Is there an easy way to fix a leaky chimney base on the roof?

Had the same problem 2 months back- Buy a can of tar (In the same can as a paint can) Tar the spots that are needed.We did, and not one leak.

How do i tell the age of a roof leak?

Examine the ShinglesClimb to the leaking roof using a ladder, and examine the shingles. Are they discolored? Do they seam weak and pliable? Are they coming loose? If this is the case, the leak my b... Read More »