How do I stop Microsoft Excel from popping up on my laptop?

Answer Unless you have accidentally held the ENTER key down way too long while the MS-Excel icon shortcut (or the executable) was selected, then this type of strange behavior sounds more like an infected ... Read More »

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How to stop automatic "date format" in Microsoft excel?

You basically only have two options: • FORMAT the cells that will contain such data beforehand, so they will no longer be in a manner in which the data is displayed as a Date type (but as a "T... Read More »

How do I Stop Earphones From Popping Out?

With the advent of the iPod, earphones, as opposed to old-fashioned headphones, have come into vogue given the immense portability of the product. However, many earphones often come loose or fall o... Read More »

How to Stop an RV Windshield From Popping Out?

RVs sometimes have problems with windshields that pop out of the vehicle chassis. The problem may exist because of a faulty windshield, a poorly sized frame or excessive force from hitting bugs or ... Read More »

How can I stop an excel add-in from loading each time I start excel?

The exact steps will vary depending on the version of MS-Excel you are running, and possibly on the particular Add-In.In Excel 2007: ---------------------- 1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, c... Read More »