How do I sterilize utensils?

Answer Make a solution of one gallon of clean water and one tablespoon of beach in a bucket large enough to accommodate the utensils. Bleach is a powerful sterilizing chemical and does not require a large... Read More »

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How to Wash Up Utensils?

Preparing and eating food requires a variety of utensils made of assorted materials. Most kitchens contain some stainless steel utensils, wood utensils, plastic utensils and even silver utensils. A... Read More »

How to Buy Cooking Utensils?

Outfitting your kitchen with the proper cooking utensils, including knives, spoons, bowls, pots, pans, rolling pins and graters, can save you time and help make cooking easier and safer. Start with... Read More »

How to Take Care of Bamboo Utensils?

Bamboo is quickly renewed resource. As one of the Earth's fastest growing plants, it does not need to be replanted and grows without pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo is not wood, but it is as har... Read More »

How to Select Cooking Utensils?

When you are ready to purchase new cooking utensils for your kitchen, you want to be sure to select cooking utensils that will be useful in your kitchen. You may need these utensils because you are... Read More »