How do I sterilize RV water tanks?

Answer An RV's potable water system should be sterilized on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and germs from contaminating your drinking water. Add a cup of bleach and fill the potable water holding tan... Read More »

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Until what age should i sterilize water for bottles?

The water for bottles should always be sterilized regardless of the baby's age. The World Health Organization recommends that water is sterilized by bringing it to a rolling boil. The sterilized wa... Read More »

How to Sterilize Water With Sunlight?

Every grown up human being needs about two litres of drinking water each day. It is very important to have pure drinking water. Otherwise you can suffer from diarrhoea or even worse diseases. This ... Read More »

How to Sterilize Tap Water on the Stove?

So the news said that your tap water has germs in it. You probably be freaking out because we need water, this wikiHow is glad to show you that you can still can drink it if boiled because boiling ... Read More »

How do I clean hard water stains from hot water tanks?

Lemon JuiceTurn off your hot water tank, and let it cool for at least an hour before attempting any hard water stain removal methods. Pour a small amount of lemon juice on a clean rag or sponge. Sc... Read More »