How do I start garden plants?

Answer ShopPurchase seeds for plants that grow in your area, a packaged seed-starting soil mix, a package of peat pots, some plastic seed markers and an indelible pen. Check the kitchen for large, zippere... Read More »

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How to Start Garden Plants in an Aquarium?

Like the commercially sold planting greenhouses, a homemade greenhouse can be made out of an aquarium. Using an aquarium to start garden plants provides a moist, warm enviroment ideal for the germi... Read More »

How to Use a Concrete Garden Bench in a Garden to Set Plants On?

Using a concrete garden bench to hold plants is a great way to make a functional portion of a garden beautiful and decorative. Concrete garden benches are great for holding planters as part of a co... Read More »

Where can I get good plants for my garden?

Unless you want very generic plants, go to a nursery. The money for the health of the plants (meaning how well they are taken care of as well as where the plants came from) is worth the extra money... Read More »

How to Add Medicinal Plants to Your Garden?

Whether you have an expansive outdoor garden or a simple herb garden on your patio, growing a variety of plants can keep it interesting and functional. One way to add some new life to your garden i... Read More »