How do I start a small fish tank for a child?

Answer Read about fish options.Decide on what fish you'll consider before you get to the pet store. While goldfish are the obvious choice because they are inexpensive, they can grow quite large (up to 12 ... Read More »

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What kind of filter do you use with small fish in a fish tank?

Using the right filter in your fish tank is important, especially when dealing with very small fish. The best filter to use for little fish is an under-gravel filter. It stays beneath the gravel an... Read More »

How to Buy the Right Fish for a Small Tank?

Have a small tank, and are not sure how to choose the right fish that will actually fit comfortably inside of it? Here is how.

What is the number of fish per tank for a small 6 gallon system?

The First Tank Website states that for small fish there should be one inch of fish per gallon of water. For larger fish, the guideline is 1 inch of fish per 3 or more gallons of water. On average, ... Read More »

How to Start a Siphon (Fish Tank)?

For optimum fish health, fish tanks must be drained approximately 25% on a weekly basis and completely drained when being broken down. Removing water from a tank is harder than filling it - but not... Read More »