How do I start a home compost?

Answer In HomeBuy a one- to two-gallon sealing bucket and store it beneath your kitchen sink. As your kitchen preparations create biodegradable waste, place it in the bucket. Seal the lid each time to pre... Read More »

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I want to start a compost pile, but I don't know how to start?

There are so many tips and tricks out there for starting a bin it's confusing to the beginner. The good news is, you can ignore a lot of what you've heard so far because things rot pretty much on t... Read More »

How do you start a compost?

Here is a link that I find helpful on getting started with a compost. It doesn't offer pictures, but the author is very good at taking your hand and guiding you through everything you need to know.... Read More »

How do you start a compost bin?

Find a spot in your yard that is on level ground and gets sun about half of the day. You also want to be sure that it is not in an area "well traveled" because you don't want the kids and pets havi... Read More »

How do I start compost pile?

PreparationSelect an area of your yard that does not receive too much sun and does not bog during heavy rains. Locate your compost pile near enough to the house to easily deposit kitchen scraps in ... Read More »