How do I stain my deck?

Answer To help preserve your deck and maintain its appearance, you should stain your deck at least once every two years. When you use the proper equipment and take the right approach, staining your deck c... Read More »

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My deck is painted with deck paint ,can i use the same color stain over the latex deck paint?

I think you would be disappointed with the results if you tried to put stain over a latex paint. Basically, stain is made to penetrate into the wood and latex paint forms a seal over the wood.If yo... Read More »

How soon can i stain my new deck?

On One Hand: A New Deck Can be Stained When DryA new deck can be stained as soon as the wood is dry, according to Bob Vila's website. Depending on weather conditions, it may take up to two weeks fo... Read More »

How long does it take for deck stain to dry?

After applying a deck stain, allow between 24 and 48 hours for it to dry completely. Before staining a deck, make sure the outdoor temperature is at least 50 degrees F and that the relative humidit... Read More »

How to Strip Stain from a Deck?

Many older decks look worn or even worn out. Many stains do not hold up to heavy traffic for more than 1 year. You must have a clean deck to apply new stain. This is the best way to prepare the dec... Read More »