How do I spray paint chrome?

Answer Without a little careful planning and preparation, a do-it-yourself painting project can go south in a hurry. Paint is nothing more than colored glue when you think about it. It needs to adhere to ... Read More »

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How to Use Chrome Spray Paint?

Many different brands of spray paint carry chrome-colored paint. Chrome spray paint requires the same application technique as any other color of spray paint. When spraying an object with any brand... Read More »

Can you spray paint over chrome?

You can spray paint over chrome. Before doing so, you need to sand your chrome object until all the shine has gone. You also need to prep the item with a self-etching primer. This will create an id... Read More »

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How to Spray Chrome?

Spray-on chrome has made significant leaps forward in quality and durability in recent years. Whether for touch-up work on an automobile or for crafts purposes, spray-on chrome can provide that shi... Read More »