How do I split an aloe plant in two?

Answer PreparationCarefully remove potting medium or soil from half of the aloe plant and its roots.CuttingWith a sharp knife, cut the aloe plant down the middle. Cut through the crown and the roots as eq... Read More »

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Is my aloe really an aloe plant?

There are several hundred kinds of Aloe Veras. Some do not smell good inside.

Can you plant an aloe vera plant outside?

You can plant an aloe vera plant outside, but only in very mild climates. Since aloe vera plants are mostly made of water, they are very sensitive to cold temperatures and will not survive if frost... Read More »

What is an aloe plant used for?

There are many uses for aloe vera. Some have been proven to work and others are best left to folklore. Common uses for this plant include application to minor skin burns and irritations, minimizing... Read More »

Can you plant aloe outside?

Aloe can be planted outside. However, it is very sensitive to frost because it is 95 percent water. It should be planted outside in full sun or partial shade. If you do not live in an area with a v... Read More »