How do I spike my hair with gel by keeping it dry, wavy and in its natural form ?

Answer Use a aloe Vera kind of gel it helps

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How to Spike Wavy Hair?

Achieving a straight, spiky hairstyle is as simple as running some light hair gel through the hair with a comb for some. However, for those with wavy hair a spiky hairstyle might seem unattainable.... Read More »

How can i get get natural wavy, straight hair?

i have the same problem, its a pain in the azz isnt it ?! i flat iron it but i get sick of doing this every day casue i just dont have time in the morning, unless i wanna get up 2 hours earlier, an... Read More »

How to Do a Wavy Hairstyle With Natural Hair?

You may not realize that there are a lot of styles that you can do with natural hair. Some of those styles include a "press and curl", braids, twists, "locs", and even a straight weave. Among the m... Read More »

How to Have Beautiful Natural Wavy Hair?

This article will show you a way to have beautiful wavy hair without using a lot of beauty products.