How do I soften the edges on a metal craft project?

Answer Soften Those EdgesUse a grinder with a fine grit wheel to soften the edges. Place the edge you want to grind on the tool support and gently roll the edge up and down while applying only minimal pre... Read More »

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How do I file the edges on a metal craft project?

Use tin snips to trim away any large metal slivers to make filing easier. Use a set of metal craft files to smooth the edges; position each file so it's perpendicular to the metal edge, filing just... Read More »

How to Soften Metal Tanned Leather?

Metal-tanned leather is leather that has been tanned using metal salts and modern tanning techniques, rather than more traditional vegetable-tanning techniques. Chrome tanning using chromium salts ... Read More »

How do I sew eyes for a craft project?

Outline the eyes with a washable pen or chalk pencil.Start at one end of the eyes and sew long stitches from the top outline to the bottom. For the next stitch, begin at the bottom and bring the ne... Read More »

How to Choose a Craft Project?

There are hundreds of craft projects you could choose from.If you craft, you almost certainly have unfinished projects sitting on the shelf. Did you ever stop to think about why or where those came... Read More »