How do I sneak my bottle of bourbon into my co-worker's house?

Answer You could bring a nice bottle of bourbon with a bow on it to him as a Christmas gift. Then when nobody is looking, keep taking swigs out of it all night long. When the bottle is empty, just pour ... Read More »

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Does bourbon bottle age?

Bourbon does not age in the bottle. Once the distiller bottles the bourbon, the spirit ceases to age and will taste the same regardless of when it is enjoyed. Some spirits besides bourbon will on... Read More »

I have drunk nearly 3/4 of a bottle of 750ml Gougar Bourbon?

your only an acaholic if you drink every day and drink too much but if its just on special occasions then your not moderation

When someone comes to your house for dinner and brings a bottle of wine, do you open their bottle or yours?

The assumption is that a brought wine is a gift for the hostess/host. The host usually selects a wine to pair with the menu plan. Therefore you open your bottle of wine. I usually handle the situat... Read More »

How to Sneak a Boy Into Your House?

This article is going to help you sneak your boyfriend into your house. This mainly is focused on how to do it at night, but I'm sure there are other articles that explain how to sneak a guy into y... Read More »