How do I slim down my hips?

Answer Hips are many women's nemesis. Slim down your hips by doing a few simple things. Doing a few exercises targeting the hip area may help shed an inch or two. Combining exercise with changes to your d... Read More »

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What Causes Big Hips?

A woman or man who has a healthy waist-to-hip ratio does not need to lose weight. But if a person's waist-to-hip ratio is higher than .85 for females or 1.0 for males, then the individual should co... Read More »

Why do I have indents under my hips?

I think that's a great weight! You sound like a lovely size. I have the same thing. It didn't change when I lost weight. So tbh I wouldn't even bother.

How to Shake Your Hips?

Shaking your hips is in a lot of dances, here's how to do this staple move.