How do I size resistors?

Answer ToleranceLook for a band on the resistor that is either gold, silver or white. This band tells you the tolerance. The series of three or four bands next to the colored band, will tell you the value... Read More »

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How do I connect resistors?

Connecting Resistors in SeriesMake a straight line with the two resistors. Push them together so the leads on the insides of the resistors touch along their entire lengths, then secure them by twis... Read More »

How do I organize resistors?

Small Parts BoxesBuy a plastic box with interior compartments large enough to hold your resistors. Choose clear plastic boxes with tight-fitting lids so they won't accidentally open. The best kinds... Read More »

Are resistors ohmic?

Resistors have the same ohm value over a wide range of voltage and current, so they’re called ohmic. Some electronics parts, such as light bulbs, change resistance for different voltages, so thes... Read More »

How do I read resistors?

Observe the colored bands on the resistor. Resistors are color-coded with four bands to indicate their resistance in ohms. The first two bands indicate numbers, the third is a multiplier (power of ... Read More »