How do I size resistors?

Answer ToleranceLook for a band on the resistor that is either gold, silver or white. This band tells you the tolerance. The series of three or four bands next to the colored band, will tell you the value... Read More »

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Resistors help?

No -- the value of the resistor is very important for correct operation of the electronics.Try for SMD resistors or go to Fry's if you have one nearby.

How do I identify resistors?

What Resistors Look LikeResistors look like small cylinders with short wires sticking out at both ends. Typically, they are brown or beige with colored bands wrapped around the body of the resistor... Read More »

How to Identify Resistors?

Resistors are very common components in electronic circuits of all kinds. Their function is to resist the current flowing in the circuit, and how much resistance they provide is measured in ohms. M... Read More »

Who invented resistors?

Otis F. Boykin invented the electrical resistor and patented it on Feb. 21, 1961. He invented a total of 28 electronic devices with commercial as well as military applications. Among them are the p... Read More »