How do I side vent my dryer?

Answer In some laundry areas, the rear of the appliance does not face to an exterior wall for back venting. These cases require side venting of the dryer to reach an exterior wall for proper ventilation.... Read More »

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If i vent dryer heat into house, will a dehumidifyer take care of the dryer moisture?

This isn't worth the risk. You are creating the potential for all kinds of problems, everything from moisture issues to dust and dirt in the house. This is a really bad idea

Can I attach a dryer vent hose to a dryer with screws?

When attaching the dryer vent to the back of the dryer, you must make sure it is a tight connection between the vent pipe, the attached elbow and the vent hose. Therefore, make the connection using... Read More »

How hot does a dryer vent get?

Exhaust air from your clothes dryer vent ranges between 140 F and 200 F, typically. However, if the vent becomes clogged with lint, temperatures can almost double, with sometimes devastating conseq... Read More »

Where Does a Dryer Vent Go if Not Outside?

If you do not want your dryer vent to go outside, the dryer vent can go into a dryer lint trap kit. A dryer vent can also go into a hole made in the wall of an attached garage if local building cod... Read More »