How do I shoot basketball hoops?

Answer Be on balance. Balance is a key component to shooting hoops. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and your shoulders should be facing the hoop. Having good balance will allow you to be square t... Read More »

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How do I rent basketball hoops?

Local BusinessesCall or visit your nearest sporting goods store, and speak to a manager. Stores specializing in sports equipment often can provide information about companies that rent goals, baske... Read More »

How do I choose basketball hoops?

Decide on the HeightDecide on the height of the basketball hoop. Choosing a standard, 10-foot hoop can adversely affect young players because it will encourage poor shooting to get the ball up to t... Read More »

How do i decorate basketball hoops?

Paint RimRemove the rim from the backboard and remove the net from the rim. Place the rim outdoors on top of old newspapers. Carefully apply two coats of spray paint to the rim, allowing a few minu... Read More »

How do I decorate basketball hoops for a party?

The NetTie the net of the hoop together with string and fill the basket and net with balloons.The RimHang streamers from different parts of the rim and attach them to the upper section of the backb... Read More »