How do I shoot a homemade blowgun?

Answer Load the dart into the blowgun mouthpiece. Hold the blowgun with two hands. Use your dominant hand close to your mouth, and support the far end of the blowgun with the other hand.Keep your mouth ... Read More »

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How do I shoot a blowgun?

LoadLoad the blowgun by placing the projectile in the mouth-end. Keep the tube horizontal or the projectile will fall out. If the gun has a safety mouthpiece, the projectile can't fall out the mout... Read More »

Is there an app on the iPhone that will allow me to shoot video in portrait mode so it isn't long kind of like how you can shoot one handed on the Flip but it still shoots in landscape thanks?

you have to hold the centre button and the turnon/off button together for about 5-10 seconds.. if it doesnt come on try charging it?! if that still doesnt work im so sorry.. take it back maybe? hop... Read More »

How do I aim a blowgun?

Load the BlowgunLoad the blowgun by tilting the gun up and dropping the dart or bead into the gun. Hold a finger to the bottom of the blowgun to prevent the ammunition from falling out.Aim the Blow... Read More »

How to Aim a Blowgun?

Think aiming a blowgun sounds hard? Read this and you'll see it's not as hard as it sounds!