How do I ship a car across the country?

Answer When making a cross-country move, many people sell their cars, donate them or give them to a family member or a friend. However, there are some instances where an owner wants to keep an automobile,... Read More »

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How do I ship a mattress across country?

Ship as FreightShipping your mattress as freight is one option. Freight shipping involves the freight being loaded and unloaded several times during shipment, which is best for sturdy or unbreakabl... Read More »

Driving across country in a box truck...any suggestions?

Actually, Donner Pass is the least of your problems... IF you do it in the daylight hours and pay attention to the weather it should be easy. Interstate 80 will take you to Salt Lake City, and ove... Read More »

Ever taken a train across country?

It's my favorite way to cross the country. You didn't say how far, so I assume overnight train. The first time I took an overnight train, I insisted on getting a sleeper - at the time they had "s... Read More »

How to Ride Your Bike Across the Country?

Some of the most hardcore bikers have even ridden to different countries. If you would like to join them by riding all over your country, this article is for you. If you are not prepared for this l... Read More »