How do I sharpen my planer blades?

Answer Sharpening planer blades is one of the most intimidating chores in the shop. Getting a uniform edge on a blade 18 inches or longer is almost impossible to do freehand. Commercial jigs and sharpenin... Read More »

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How to Hand Sharpen Planer Blades?

Due to their long length, planer blades cannot be hand sharpened like other types of blades. While the principals are the same, a different method has to be used to ensure that the blades are sharp... Read More »

How do I sharpen planer knives?

Honing GuideSecure a planer knife into a honing guide with the knife's bevel side down. The honing guide will hold the knife at the proper angle for sharpening, usually 20 to 30 degrees. Purchase a... Read More »

How to Set Planer Blades?

Setting planer blades is a fiddly job, but if you take your time it is not all that hard to get it right.This way of setting the blades works with any size of planer. From huge machine shop surface... Read More »

How do I sharpen dog blades?

Removing the BladeRemove the clipper blade from the clippers. Depending upon the model, you will either need to unscrew the blade or simply pop it off the clippers. Unscrew the blade and remove the... Read More »