How do I set up my DVD player video cassette recorder?

Answer Setting up a DVD player/video cassette (VHS) recorder is a simple task that often needs to be personalized according to the unit in question and the user's needs. Different player/recorder combos o... Read More »

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Who invented the video cassette recorder?

The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) demonstrated an experimental videotape recorder in 1953. Later, Charles Ginsburg led a research team at Ampex Corporation to develop a more practical videotap... Read More »

Is it possible to read digital video cassettes without a cassette recorder?

Strangly enough i over heard some guy ask the exact same question at my local sony centre. the shop assistant said that he didn't know of any thing that could play those tapes apart from cameras th... Read More »

Should i buy a ematic 4gb video mp3 player with 2.4 screen camera and video recorder?

yea i just bought it last month .its great,and i dont how to put videos though.and i put music on it but i just got lucky and i dont know how to put music.the mp3 is watch out.the camera... Read More »

How can I transfer a video cassette onto a DVD with my DVD/VHS player?

If it's something you recorded off a television broadcast, or a home video you taped with your camcorder or whatever, then get yourself a can pick a cheap one up for around 80 bu... Read More »