How do I set up a printer to share?

Answer i have the same prob. help?

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How to Share a Printer?

If you have multiple computers in your home or office, learning how to share a printer can save you quite a lot of problems in transferring files to computers hooked up to the printer. Unfortunatel... Read More »

How to Share a USB Printer?

For small home or office networks with only a few computers and light print usage, a USB printer is a good choice that can be shared among all computers. There are some benefits to print sharing us... Read More »

How can i share a printer on 3 PC's?

You can buy a print server that will plug into your router or switch. Then all three can use the same printer. They are fairly common and cheap.

How can I share my wireless printer?

go to start>printer and faxes>right click on ur install printer>sharing>just enable sharing then ok printer is shared