How do I set up a printer that was previously connected to a different computer?

Answer wireless is a maybe. Just use a printer cable or USB one.The computer will recognize it. If you have it's Disk, run it.

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Printer is not functioning. A notice appears that reads, "Printer not connected to source."?

Check your printer communication cable & make sure it's plugged in at both ends securely, reseat both ends to make sure it's making a good connection. You may also have a bad cable, try a different... Read More »

How do i use the printer, which is connected to another computer?

you have to be connected in a network connection between your pc and the other on and the other one wich has the printer should share the printer so you can print

How to Access a Printer Connected to Another Computer?

It can be a frustrating if you need to print a document and the computer you are using does not have a printer connected to it. If the printer is attached to another computer, there is a way to pri... Read More »

How do I delet a print job from HP Pavilion computer connected to HP Desktop Printer?

Go into the control panel, click on printers and then look for the printer - you should be able to click on it and cancel the pending print job.