How do I set up a PS3 Ethernet DSL connection?

Answer Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your PlayStation 3's Ethernet port found on the back of the console near the HDMI port and AV Multi Out port. Connect the other end to your DSL modem or rout... Read More »

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How to Setup an Ethernet Connection on My PC?

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What is an Ethernet cable connection?

An Ethernet cable connection is a term used to describe the physical connection of two devices by an Ethernet cable that connects to ports on both devices. A wired Internet connection from a compu... Read More »

How to Test Ethernet Connection Speed?

It could just be curiosity. Then again, it may be inspired by the suspicion that you Internet service provider isn't giving you the connection speed you're paying for. Whatever your reason is, chec... Read More »

How to Connect a Fast Ethernet 8 Hub Connection to DSL for an Office?

Installing DSL in an office gives you the ability to provide broadband access to every computer in an office. In order to do that, you will need correctly connect the DSL modem to the local area ne... Read More »