How do I set the combination on a briefcase?

Answer Open the BriefcaseOpen the briefcase using the existing combination. If the briefcase is new, the combination should be a generic combination such as 1-1-1, or it should be printed on a tag that ca... Read More »

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How to change the combination on a briefcase?

most go like this. at open stage, hold the lever to release in open position then rotate numbers to new combo, then release the lever. done

how do you set a combination lock for a briefcase?

How to change the combination number! The ones that I have seen were as follows: Usually if you look at the back of the lock (inside the briefcase, and at the back of where the combination number i... Read More »

How to Change a Briefcase Combination Lock?

Changing a briefcase combination lock is a fairly easy task, provided you have the original combination on hand. It is always wise to change the combination from the factory default, if you just pu... Read More »

How do I change a combination lock on a briefcase?

you would have to try all the combinations until you figure out which one opens the lock. it could be done, i did this more than once...the question is how to reset another combination, some can be... Read More »