How do I set the combination on a briefcase?

Answer Open the BriefcaseOpen the briefcase using the existing combination. If the briefcase is new, the combination should be a generic combination such as 1-1-1, or it should be printed on a tag that ca... Read More »

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how do you set a combination lock for a briefcase?

How to change the combination number! The ones that I have seen were as follows: Usually if you look at the back of the lock (inside the briefcase, and at the back of where the combination number i... Read More »

How to change the combination on a briefcase?

most go like this. at open stage, hold the lever to release in open position then rotate numbers to new combo, then release the lever. done

How do I change a combination lock on a briefcase?

you would have to try all the combinations until you figure out which one opens the lock. it could be done, i did this more than once...the question is how to reset another combination, some can be... Read More »

How to Open a Briefcase Lock Without the Combination?

Briefcases with rolling combination locks can be tricky. If you've lost or forgotten the combination to your briefcase, the contents aren't lost forever. Cracking the code on these locks is a relat... Read More »