How do I set my business up to provide rapid refunds?

Answer A rapid refund business works essentially like a payday loan business, except the loan is made against a tax refund rather than a paycheck. Like payday loan shops, the high interest customarily cha... Read More »

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In NYS is there a guideline for small business employers to provide health insurance to an employee who is out on disability leave?

It seem to be 498 miles from san antonio, Texas to Tampico, Mexico. So figure about as much time to get from San Antonio to Reynosa or Matamoros Mexico as to get from Matamoros or Reynosa to Tampic... Read More »

How do you provide proof to a UK credit card issuer that you have lost 3000 in business dealings with a property management firm in Florida?

Answer Unfortunately the credit card issuer will not be concerned with the personal circumstances of the financial loss of the account holder.The best option would be to contact the creditor by ph... Read More »

Why do SOME vegetarians moan if I don't provide veggie food and yet they never provide meat for me?

looks like u got quite a debate going on here...but i feel that many people who eat meat think like this.the simple reason being,meat eater can have vegetarian food too,but vegetarian cant have mea... Read More »

What to Do If I Don't Get My Tax Refunds?

The Wallet Pop website reported the Internal Revenue Service had $1.1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds in 2007. If you have improperly filed your return or did not file a return at all, some unclai... Read More »