How do I set an anniversary clock?

Answer Keep it LevelPlace your anniversary clock on a smooth, even surface where it won’t be bumped. Anniversary clocks are not heavy--if the movement of the weighted-arm pendulum is disrupted by inadve... Read More »

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What is an anniversary clock?

An anniversary clock was designed to run for one year. Since it needed to be wound annually, it would perpetually commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Anniversary clo... Read More »

What is the origin of the anniversary clock?

The anniversary clock was invented around 1880 by Anton Harder, a German clockmaker. Harder named his clock the 400-Day Clock because it can run for 400 days from one winding. In 1901, the Bowler &... Read More »

How to change WINDOWS 7 computer clock from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock?

Control Panel --> Region and LanguageBig H is used for 24 hour. HH for 2 digits.Little h for 12 hour. hh for 2 digits.

What wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary?

A couple celebrates their golden anniversary when they've reached the milestone of being married for 50 years. The traditional gift for a couple celebrating their golden anniversary is an object ma... Read More »