How do I set a rat trap?

Answer Set the rat trap near the area that it is entering into the house, or signs of where it is the most active. The trap should be set with the end of it close to the wall. Observe what the rat has bee... Read More »

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How to Set a Cat Trap?

Perhaps your indoor kitty ran out while you were bringing in the groceries, and cajoling him back inside doesn't seem to be working. Or maybe a stray cat in the neighborhood appears ill and you'd l... Read More »

How to Trap Hornets?

Hornets are an aggressive species of stinging insect that can sting repeatedly when provoked. The problem is that it is easy to provoke a hornet or group of hornets. They are social insects that l... Read More »

How do I set a Tomcat rat trap?

Picking a LocationSet the trap in the area where you suspect rats have been in your house, such as in a pantry, cupboard or garage or wherever you see rat droppings.Baiting the TrapApply a drop of ... Read More »

How do I trap a shrew?

Types of Shrew TrapsTrapping, the most cost-effective method of shrew removal, is easily accomplished with commercial traps available in home and garden stores or via online merchants. Snap traps c... Read More »