How do I send someone a message on youtube with two names?

Answer um what the hell are you talking about o.O

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Which tattoo will send a message to those who tease me that I’m not someone to be trifled with …?

How about a pink unicorn with a machine gun???

Youtube: how do I send a message to my subscribers?

On your channel, there should be something like "post to feed" or something. It'll appear on your subscribers' front page on the All tab.

Why won't youtube let me send a group message?

it might be one of the people u have entered to send the message to, the YT account mite be closed or u've entered the name wrongNOTE: the names of the recipients must be spaced out by a comma and ... Read More »

How can I send a message to YouTube about a technical problem?

If you write to "service @", you'll end up absolutely nowhere because that is their computer-generated email system which forwards everybody's messages/comments to our inboxes (much lik... Read More »