How do I send someone a message on youtube with two names?

Answer um what the hell are you talking about o.O

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Why won't youtube let me send a group message?

it might be one of the people u have entered to send the message to, the YT account mite be closed or u've entered the name wrongNOTE: the names of the recipients must be spaced out by a comma and ... Read More »

Youtube: how do I send a message to my subscribers?

On your channel, there should be something like "post to feed" or something. It'll appear on your subscribers' front page on the All tab.

How can I send a message to YouTube about a technical problem?

If you write to "service @", you'll end up absolutely nowhere because that is their computer-generated email system which forwards everybody's messages/comments to our inboxes (much lik... Read More »

What do you do if you send a message on gmail but the actual message doesn't appear to who send it to?