How do I send pictures from a RAZR to a computer?

Answer Use the USB cable that came with your Motorola RAZR to connect it to your computer's USB port. Press the menu key on your Motorola RAZR and click "Settings" from the list. Go to "Connection," "USB ... Read More »

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How to Transfer Pictures From My RAZR to My Computer?

The RAZR cell phone allows you to take digital pictures. Transferring them to your computer is simple, but you need software called "Motorola Phone Tools" or "Datapilot" that allows your computer t... Read More »

Can I transfer pictures from my Motorola RAZR to my Mac computer's USB port?

Yes, you can transfer pictures from your Motorola Razr through your Mac computer's USB port. The Mac computer will recognize the Razr device once connected through the USB port and you can simply d... Read More »

How do I send pictures from my computer?

Sending Pictures From Your ComputerLaunch your Web browser and go to your email page. Click the command to compose a new email. When the email template comes on-screen, type the email of the addres... Read More »

How do I send pictures to my phone from my computer?

There are two ways. 1.) - You can upload your picture and then create a message and send it to your phone. The website has all the information. 2.) Create and email and attach the p... Read More »