How do I send cookies to someone?

Answer Choose the Right CookieShip the sturdier cookies. Even the most thorough packing preparations will be useless if the cookies have a fragile texture or were prepared with quickly perishable ingredie... Read More »

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Can you send cookies to someone in the army national guard basic training?

There is no Army National Guard Basic Training - they all go to Army BCT or OSUT. That being said, you can send them - that part isn't an issue. Whether they're allowed to actually have the cookies... Read More »

How double or triple colored cookies are made Can someone give me eggless recipe for such cookies?

The easiest cookie to make two-colored is a pinwheel. Divide your dough in half. Add a little color to one half. Roll one half out to a large thin rectangle. Roll the other to a large thin rect... Read More »;if I send someone a comment private, does it send to their Inbox ?

If you checked the box that says "private" yes it will go into their inbox rather than on their comments page

How do I send cookies to Iraq?

Know a soldierAccording to the recipe Web site, troops serving overseas are told not to accept cookies from strangers. To send cookies to a a soldier in Iraq, you must know an indivi... Read More »