How do I send a picture to Facebook via mobile?

Answer From the Facebook page, click "Publisher" at the top of your Wall. Click the "Photos" button which is next to "Attach." Click "Upload a Photo" and then "Upload via Email." A box will appear on your... Read More »

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How do you upload a picture to Facebook with a mobile phone?

Well the first American carrier was AT&T which payed extra to be the only carrier to own the iPhone until March 2011 when Verizon broke the contract and a CDMA version was made, doubling sales.

How do I change my default picture on facebook mobile?

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to set your pictures as a default on your profile. The only way you can do it from mobile is if you have used the picture as a default in the past using the ... Read More »

How do you upload picture to facebook via blackberry for PC and mobile?

How to Send My Uploaded Email Picture to My Facebook?

One of Facebook's lesser-known features is the private email update capability, which allows the uploading of photos and status updates from your email account. This feature makes it a clear-cut pr... Read More »