How do I send a photo in a JPEG format ?

Answer Open the photo up in any photo editing software that you have and then resave in jpeg/jpg format. If you dont have any photo editing software then you can download gimp or Read More »

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What is a JPEG format photo, and how do I know if I have one?

jpeg is a format its used for average photo taking in cameras bmp is also a type of format that paint used to use you dont have to use one from a camera but cameras are usually jpeg just put the mo... Read More »

How to Compress a Photo to a Smaller Size in JPEG Format?

The size of a digital image refers not only to what size the image is when it's printed, but also to how much disk space it takes up. In order to decrease the physical size of an image, you must cr... Read More »

My scanner does photos in bitmap format. Can I change them to jpeg format?

You should be able to do so. Check the software included with the scanner and see if the option can be changed.

How do I change a photo from JPEG to PDF?

Open the JPEG image file in a photo-editing software program.Select the "Save As" function for your image, usually found under the "File" section and choose the drop-down menu for a list of file ty... Read More »