How do I select a range in VB for Excel?

Answer There are many ways that a Range could be Selected. But having the code know which area to select based upon changes is another matter. There must be some criteria to use for the selection proces... Read More »

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How can i select records in excel using macro procedure?

There are several ways to select cells using VBA code, either individually, by rows, and/or by columns. It would take several pages of documentation to cover the basics of the very general questio... Read More »

How to Create a List Box to Select Multiple Entries in Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application designed by Microsoft that works in both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and offers capabili... Read More »

How do I increase a salary range by 50% in Excel?

FormulaEnter the salary range into a cell (for example A1). Enter "50%" into a second cell (for example B1). Using the example of A1 and B1, enter this formula into a third cell: =A1*(1+B1). This w... Read More »