How do I secure my wireless internet My husband set it up without...?

Answer It depends entirely on your wireless router.The normal addresses you need to enter to access your wireless router are : you enter these into Internet... Read More »

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How secure are wireless internet cafe's?

Not unless you have file and printer sharing enabledStart > control Panel > Network Connections > (right click over your wireless connection) > Properties > De select File and printer sharing.Pass... Read More »

How do you get wireless internet on a laptop without a wireless card?

I'd get some sort of USB adaptor if you don't have anything else. They're usually $50 or less. That's what I've been using on my laptop since the built-in card died a couple of years ago. The only ... Read More »

How do you hook up internet to a laptop without wireless internet?

just buy a Ethernet cable [ the one that looks like a phone jack but slightly wider] and plug it into your laptop. You can find them at most places that sell electronic cables.

How to Get Wireless Internet on Laptops Without Cable?

Get Internet access connected from your phone company, cable company or another Internet service provider. You will need DSL or cable Internet. Dial-up will not work with some routers. Get a wirele... Read More »