How do I secure my wireless broadband so that nobody else can use it?

Answer look up WEP... the router should be able to be wep enabled, a passphrase and you are ready to go... now this will not prevent them from hacking into your computer, it will prevent unauthorized user... Read More »

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Is it wrong and/or illegal to use someones wireless broadband if they don't secure it?

It is actually illegal and you can be prosecuted for it, there was a case recently, I saw it on the BBC site which gave the actual crime.Though the only way you're going to be caught is if you're p... Read More »

What is the difference between mobile broadband and wireless broadband?

Mobile broadband refers to a high speed internet connection provided by a cellular company such as a tethered cell phone or a cellular network card. Wireless broadband is a high speed connection ty... Read More »

How to Stay Close to God Even when Nobody Else Is?

Have you ever wondered how to stay strong in your faith when the others did not? Maybe your friends are doing things that you feel your loving God would not approve of. You can preserve your religi... Read More »

How can i lock my netgear wireless router so that no one else cant pick my network up?

Login to your router by opening your preferred web browser (Opera, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.),type the following address: if that does NOT work, try this (copy & pas... Read More »