How do I season a non-stick pan?

Answer Determine the NeedMake sure seasoning is necessary. Seasoning, by definition, is filling the pan's pores with grease to create a non-stick surface. Your non-stick pans are chemically treated for su... Read More »

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Can you stick vinyl stick tiles over linoleum?

Installing self-stick vinyl tiles over linoleum works, but experts recommend using additional floor-tile adhesive. It is also important to find out what the linoleum material is to ensure you are ... Read More »

Is a yard stick or a meter stick longer?

A yardstick is three feet, or 36 inches, in length, while a meterstick is 39.37 inches long. Yardstick measurements are typically shown in inches and fractions of an inch, while metersticks are bro... Read More »

Is a meter stick the same as a yard stick?

A yardstick and a meter stick are not the same, since they are based on different measurements. A yardstick measures exactly 36 inches long. A meter stick is slightly longer, measuring 39.37 inches... Read More »

Which is better : One 4 GB RAM stick (667 MHz) or combination of 4 GB RAM stick (667 MHz) +One 1GB (533 MHz)?

Obviously the 4 gig stick. If you use one stick that has a slower clock rate, ALL your ram will run at that speed.Edit: Let me elaborate. Chances are 99% you'll never use 4 gigs of ram. By adding a... Read More »