How do I season a BBQ smoker?

Answer Clean and Dry the SmokerWash the interior of the smoker with mild soap to remove all of the dust, solvents, paints and chemical traces used in the manufacturing process. Older smokers that are bein... Read More »

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Does season 5 of supernatural is the final season or will there another season ahead?

Both main actors(sam and dean) have signed the dotted line for atleast another season.

None smoker?

What really bothers me about this, is it is just one more loss of our freedoms. Smoking is LEGAL and yet smokers are treated like criminals. People who see this as a victory need to remember this ... Read More »

Smoker or non smoker?

Are you a smoker or not?

Your argument is flawed, apart from missing out the important issues with regards to smoking it is also totally ignoring the health and well being of the smokers themselves, it is typical of the an... Read More »