How do I search for tax liens& judgments on a residential property?

Answer County Recorder's OfficeSearch the county recorder's website to find tax liens and judgments on residential properties. You can visit the recorder's office and speak with a representative if you ne... Read More »

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How do I search for tax liens& judgments on a property?

LocationDetermine which county the property in question is located. This is important because all real estate records are maintained at the county level.County ClerkFind the website for the County ... Read More »

How do I Search for Tax Liens & Judgments on a Residential Property?

Liens and judgments on residential property are public record and may be viewed at the office of the county clerk in the county in which the property is located. There are several kinds of liens th... Read More »

How to Find Judgments & Liens?

Judgments and liens can severely hinder your ability to conduct business transactions. Judgments are issued in civil trials or tax cases against a defendant for a monetary sum. If that defendant fa... Read More »

Where can you find out if a property has any liens or judgments?

Answer Check your local courthouse in the tax records. The property will be listed as well as any reference to the property such as where the property is located in the record books. Get the book a... Read More »