How do I search for other YouTube vids without interrupting the one I'm watching?

Answer Click on that button that says watch this video in a new window(its gray & on the top right of the video)

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Why have i no sound when watching vids on youtube?

either turn the speakers up or the youtubes volume control if all else fails, restart your pc and reinstall your speakers

10 POINTS! How good is this laptop for watching youtube vids and playing flash games and also recording them?

For playing games 4 out of 10. For watching videos on youtube 7-10 the processor is not good this computer will crash after 2 months, the brand is also bad, i recommend you to look for a toshiba, d... Read More »

How to Put Your Android Phone in Your Pocket Without Interrupting Youtube Video Playback?

The youtube app on the android phone stops video playback when you turn off the screen; and if you don't turn it off, soft buttons will be pushed randomly and the video might pause or you might go ... Read More »

Using music on my youtube vids?

A partner can make (a trickle of) money out of YT. If YT allows people to make money out of copyright infrigement they render themselves liable. So the answer is 'no' unless you have permission.You... Read More »