How do I search for a value in an unsorted array in excel?

Answer If you want the really easy way to find a specific value and then know the Cell Reference, or have a message saying it was not found, then just do the following: 1. Use the shortcut key combinatio... Read More »

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How do I search different excel spreasheets with 1 search?

Just use the standard FIND dialog window. Either go through the menu option of EDIT and select FIND... or use the shortcut key combination of CTRL+F.Type in your selection in the Find What box, a... Read More »

How to Find a Row Number in Excel Search?

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet and number-crunching application available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Excel works by performing calculations based around a sheet of cells. E... Read More »

How to Search a Cell Range for a Match in Excel VBA?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can contain vasts amount of data, which can be daunting if you're trying to look for a particular number or phrase in a document. One way to search a range of cells for... Read More »

How to Search for & Replace Word Styles in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that allows you to create a range of data for making calculations, charts, graphs, rosters and other types of documents. One of the application's featur... Read More »